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Lĭnus (-os), i, m., = Λι:νος, Linus.

  1. I. A son of Apollo and Psammate, daughter of Crotopus, king of the Argives; he was given by his mother to the care of shepherds, and one day, being left alone, was torn to pieces by dogs; whereupon Apollo sent into the land a monster which destroyed everything, until slain by Chorœbus, Stat. Th. 6, 64; 1, 557 sqq.
  2. II. The son of Apollo and Terpsichore, instructor of Orpheus and Hercules, the latter of whom killed him by a blow with the lyre: flam, ut ego opinor, Hercules, tu autem Linus, Plaut. Bacch. 1, 2, 47; Verg. E. 4, 56; Prop. 2, 10 (3, 4), 8, who confounds him with the preceding. According to others, he was a son of Mercury and Urania, and was killed by Apollo in Eubœa, Hyg. Fab. 161; Mart. 9, 86, 4.
  3. III. A fountain in Arcadia, Plin. 31, 2, 7, § 10.