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fontĭnālis (also fontān-), e, adj. [fons], of or from a spring or fountain, spring-.

  1. I. Lit.: aqua, Vitr. 8, 3.
  2. II. Transf.
    1. A. Adj.: Fontinalis (Fontan-) porta, in Rome, towards the Campus Martius, between the Capitoline and Quirinal hills, Liv. 35, 10, 12; Inscr. Grut. 624, 11; Paul. ex Fest. p. 85 Müll.; cf. Becker’s Antiq. p. 133 sq.
    2. B. Subst.: Fontĭnā-lĭa (Fontān-), ium, n., the festival of springs or fountains, celebrated on the 13th of October, Varr. L. L. 6, § 22; Calend. ap. Inscr. Orell. II. pp. 400, 412; Paul. ex Fest. p. 85 Müll.