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1. Ărī̆us, i, m., = Ἄρειος or Ἄριος, a river in Aria, now Heri, Plin. 6, 23, 25, § 93; in Amm. 23 fin. Arias.

2. Ărī̆us (Arr-), i, m., = Ἀρεῖος or Ἄριος, a renowned heretic, also Ārĭus, Prud. Psych. 794.
Hence, Ărīānus, a, um, adj., pertaining to Arius, Arian, Hier. adv. Lucif. 7.Ărīāni, ōrum, m., the followers of Arius, the Arians, Hier. adv. Lucif. 7; Aug. Haeres. 49.