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actīve, adv., v. the foll. art. fin.

actīvus, a, um, adj. [ago].

  1. I. Active: philosophia, practical (opp. to contemplativa): philosophia et contemplativa est et activa; spectat simul agitque, Sen. Ep. 95, 10: (opp. to spectativus) thesin a causa sic distinguunt, ut illa sit spectativae partis, haec activae, Quint. 3, 5, 11: (rhetorice) quia maximus ejus usus actu continetur, dicatur activa, id. 2, 18, 5.
  2. II. In gramm.: verba activa, which designate transitive action (opp. neutra or intransitiva), Charis. p. 138; Diom. p. 326 P. al.
    Adv.: actīve, in gramm., actively, like a verb active, Prisc. pp. 794, 799 P.