Lewis & Short

partĭārĭus, a, um, adj. [pars],

  1. I. that shares with another; shared, that is shared with another (ante- and post-class.): colonus, who pays his rent with a part of the produce, Dig. 19, 2, 25: pecora partiaria pascenda suscipere, so that their increase is shared between the owner and the herdsman, Cod. Just. 2, 3, 8: legatarius, to whom a share of the property is left, Gai. Inst. 2, 254; 257; Ulp. Fragm. 24, 25: res, that is shared with many: honor, App. M. 4, p. 156.
    1. B. Abl. adverb.: partiario, on shares: calcem partiario coquendam dare, Cato, R. R. 16; 137; App. M. 9, p. 229 fin.
  2. II. Subst.: partĭārĭus, ii, m., a sharer, partaker: AGELLVLI, Inscr. Grut. 1004, 4: erroris, Tert. adv. Marc. 3, 16: sententiae, id. Res. Carn. 2.