Lewis & Short

Appŭlēius (also, Āpŭl-), i, m., the name of several Romans, among whom the most distinguished were,

  1. I. L. Appuleius Saturninus, a turbulent tribune of the people (about A.U.C. 653): post Gracchos eloquentissimus, Cic. Brut. 62, 224.
  2. II. A native of Madaura, in Africa, who was a spirited and flowery, but sometimes bombastic writer of the second century. His principal work yet extant is called Metamorphoseon sive de Asino Aureo libri XI.; cf. Bähr, Lit. Gesch. p. 422 sq.; Teuffel, Rom. Lit. § 362.
  3. III. Appŭlēius, a, um, adj., of Appuleius: lex, proposed by the tribune Appuleius, Cic. Balb. 21; id: Leg. 2, 6; Flor. 3, 16.