Lewis & Short

mēio, ĕre, v. n. [for migio, kindred with Sanscr. mih, effundere; whence also mingo; cf. Gr. ὀμιχέω, ὀμίχλη], to make water: sacer est locus, extra Meiite, Pers. 1, 114: HOSPES AD HVNC TVMVLVM NE MEIAS, Inscr. Orell. 4781: mala meiens, Cat. 97, 8; cf. Juv. 1, 131.
Transf., of a vessel, Mart. 12, 32, 13.
In a double sense: ditior aut formae melioris meiat eodem, Hor. S. 2, 7, 52.
Prov.: caldum meiere et frigidum potare, i. e. to give more than one receives, Petr. 67, 10.