Lewis & Short

ănăphŏră, ae, f., = ἀναφορά.

  1. I. A rising or mounting up, the rising of the stars, Plin. 7, 49, 50, § 160; Firm. Math. 3, 3.
  2. II. In rhet.
    1. A. The bringing up or repetition of a word at the beginning of successive clauses, e. g. Cic. Verr. 2, 2, 10: Verres calumniatores apponebat, Verres adesse jubebat, Verres cognoscebat, etc., Don. p. 1773 P.; Charis. p. 250 P.; Diom. p. 440 P.
    2. B. The improper reference of a word to a preceding word, e. g. Sall. C. 18, 1: conjuravere pauci, in quibus Catilina: de quā (sc. conjuratione), etc., Diom. p. 440 P. (Kritz here reads de quo; cf. Kritz ad h. l.).