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adjectīcĭus or -tĭus, a, um [adjicio], adj., added besides (late Lat.): incommoda, Cassiod. Varr. 11, 8.

adjectĭo, ōnis, f. [adjicio], an adding to, addition, annexation.

  1. I. In gen.: Romana res adjectione populi Albani aucta, Liv. 1, 30: illiberalis, a small addition, id. 38, 14 ext.: caloris, Sen. Ep. 189: litterarum, Quint. 1, 5, 16; also the permission of adding, etc. (cf.: accessus, aditus): Hispalensibus familiarum adjectiones dedit, he granted to them the right of settling new families, Tac. II. 1, 78.
    More freq.,
  2. II. Esp., as t. t.
    1. A. In archit.
      1. 1. A projection in the pedestal of columns, the cornice of the pedestal, Vitr. 3, 2.
    2. B. In medicine, a strengthening, invigorating remedy: quae (i. e. diseases) non detractionibus, sed adjectionibus curantur, Vitr. 1, 6, 3.
    3. C. In rhet., the repetition of the same word, e. g. occidi, occidi, Quint. 9, 3, 28 (in Cic., adjunctio, q. v.).
    4. D. In auctions, the addition to a bid, Dig. 18, 2, 17 al.; cf. adjicio.

adjectīvus, a, um, adj. [adjicio], in gram., that is added to the noun substantive, adjective: et significat vel laudem vel vituperationem, vel medium vel accidens, ut justus, impius, magnus, albus, Prisc. p. 578 P.; cf. Macr. S. 1, 4.

(adjecto, āre, 1, v. a., false reading in Apic. 8, 2.)

1. adjectus, a, um, Part., of adjicio.

2. adjectus, ūs, m. [adjicio], an adding or applying to: odoris (ad narīs), Lucr. 4, 673; so id. 1, 689: cuneorum, addition (opp. exemptus), Vitr. 9, 6.