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ūnănĭmis, e, adj. [unus-animus], of one mind, accordant, harmonious, unanimous (postclass.): fratres, Claud. Cons. Prob. et Olybr. 231: equi, id. Epigr. 37, 3; cf. unianimis, Schol. Juv. 5, 134.
Adv.: ūnănĭmĭ-ter, unanimously, cordially: me delegistis, Vop. Tac. 4 fin.: studere patientiae (opp. discordare), Tert. Pat. 1 fin.: vivere, Arn. 1, 33.

ūnănĭmus, a, um, adj. [unus-animus], of one mind, heart, or will; of one accord, concordant, harmonious, unanimous (poet.): ego tu sum, tu’s ego: unanimi sumus, Plaut. Stich. 5, 4, 49 ritschl N. cr.: sodales, Cat. 30, 1: fratres, Stat. Th. 8, 669: venti, Val. Fl. 1, 615; 4, 161 (but in Liv. 7, 21, 5, the correct read. is una animos).