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pullātus, a, um, adj. [3. pullus], clothed in soiled or black garments.

  1. I. Of mourners: proceres (opp. albatus), Juv. 3, 212.
    Prov.: albati ad exsequias, pullati ad nuptias, i. e. who do every thing wrongly, Sid. Ep. 5, 7.
  2. II. Of the common people, Plin. Ep. 7, 17, 9: turba, Quint. 6, 4, 6: circulus, id. 2, 12, 10; so subst.: ne quis pullatorum, of the common people, Suet. Aug. 44: pullatorum turba, id. ib. 40.

* pullo, āre, v. n. [1. pullus], to put forth, sprout out, germinate, Calp. Ecl. 5, 19.