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sĕgestre, is, n. (collat. form sĕges-trĭa, ae, f., Varr. L. L. 5, § 166 Müll.: sĕ-gestra, ae, f., Edict. Diocl. p. 23), a covering, wrapper of straw or hides for shielding goods or persons from the weather: segestre, διφθέρα, διφθέρα πλοίου, Gloss. Vet.
Sing.: segestre, Lucil. ap. Non. 537, 10.
Plur., Varr. ap. Non. 11, 16; Plin. 13, 12, 23, § 76; Edict. Diocl. p. 23.
As a sort of mantle: segestri vel lodiculā involutus, Suet. Aug. 83.