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Saxo, ŏnis, m., a Saxon; acc. Saxona, Claud. Laud. Stil. 2, 255; id. Epith. Pallad. et Cel. 89; abl. Saxone, id. IV. Cons. Hon. 31; id. Nupt. Hon. et Mar. 219; id. in Eutr. 1, 392.
Usu. plur.: Saxŏnes, the Saxons, Amm. 27, 8, 5; Salv. Gub. Dei, 7, 15; Eutr. 9, 21.
Hence, Saxŏnia, ae, f., the country of the Saxons, Saxony, Ven. Fort. 7, 16, 47.