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rĕ-pōtĭa, ōrum, n. [poto], an after-drinking, i. e.,

  1. I. A drinking or carousing on the day after an entertainment, at a wedding, a birth, or other festive occasion. Hor. S. 2, 2, 60 Acro; Gell. 2, 24, 14; Aus. Ep. 9 fin.; Fest. s. h. v. pp. 137 and 231; Varr. L. L. 5, § 122, and id. ib. 6, § 84 Müll. N. cr.; cf. Becker, Gallus, 2, p. 27 (2d edit.).
  2. II. In Appuleius, in gen., the drinking after a banquet: cenae, App. Mag. p. 312, 30: convivii, id. de Mundo, p. 74, 19.