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plăgŭla, ae, f. dim. [3. plaga, C.].

  1. I. A bed-curtain, a curtain (class., but not in Cic. or Cæs.): deme plagulam de lecto, Afran. ap. Non. 378, 10; Varr. ib. 86, 7: ii primum vestem stragulam pretiosam, plagulas et alia textilia Romam advexerunt, Liv. 39, 6; Suet. Tit. 10.
  2. II. A part of a garment which is to be sewed to the other parts, a breadth (ante-class.), Varr. L. L. 9, § 79 Müll.
    1. B. A sheet of paper (post-Aug.), Plin. 13, 12, 23, § 77.