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mōrĭgĕror, ātus, 1, v. dep. [morigerus], to comply with, gratify, humor, endeavor to please (syn.: obsequor, obtempero; class.): nunc si servitus evenit, ei vos morigerari mos bonus est, to accommodate yourself to it, Plaut. Capt. 2, 1, 4: adulescenti, Ter. Ad. 2, 2, 9: voluptati aurium morigerari debet oratio, * Cic. Or. 48, 159.
Esp., in mal. part., ore = fellare, Suet. Tib. 44.
Note: Act. collat. form, mōrĭgĕro, āre: dum mihi morigero, Plaut. Am. 3, 3, 26.