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hibrĭda or hybrĭda (ibr-), ae, comm. [most prob. kindred with ὑβρίζω, ὕβρις, qs. unbridled, lawless, unnatural; hence], of animals produced from two different species, a mongrel, hybrid.

  1. I. Lit.: in nullo genere aeque facilis mixtura cum fero (quam in suibus), qualiter natos antiqui hybridas vocabant ceu semiferos, Plin. 8, 53, 79, § 213.
  2. II. Transf., of persons, one born of a Roman father and a foreign mother, or of a freeman and a slave: ibique postea ex hybridis, libertinis servisque conscripserat, Auct. B. Afr. 19, 4: hybrida quo pacto sit Persius ultus, Hor. S. 1, 7, 2; Suet. Aug. 19; Mart. 6, 39, 20; 8, 22: Q. Varius propter obscurum jus civitatis Hibrida cognominatus, Val. Max. 8, 6, 4.