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grĕgārĭus, a, um, adj. [grex], of or belonging to a flock or herd.

  1. I. Lit.: gregariorum pastorum disciplinam repudiasse, Col. 6 praef. § 1.
  2. II. Transf., in gen., of the common sort, common (most freq. in milit. lang.): milites, common soldiers, privates, in opp. to the officers: id etiam gregarii milites faciunt inviti, ut, etc., Cic. Planc. 30, 72; Sall. C. 38, 6; Curt. 7, 2; and in sing.: miles, Liv. 42, 34, 5; Tac. H. 5, 1: eques, id. ib. 3, 51: gregariam militiam sortitus, Just. 22, 1.
    Rarely beyond the milit. sphere: poëta, Sid. Ep. 9, 15.