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dĕcĭmo or dĕcŭmo, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. [decimus].

  1. I. To select by lot every tenth man for punishment, to decimate (postAug., although the practice itself occurs as early as 283 A. U. C.; v. Liv. 2, 59 fin.), Suet. Galb. 12: cohortes, id. Aug. 24: cohortium militem, Frontin. Strat. 4, 1, 37 al.
    Absol., Suet. Calig. 48.
  2. II. To cause to pay tithes, to collect tithes from a person.
    Pass.: et Levi decimatus est, Vulg. Hebr. 7, 9.
  3. III. To select the tenth part as an offering, to pay tithes of anything, Fest. p. 237, 25 Müll.; Vulg. Matth. 23, 23.
    Hence, dĕcŭmātus, a, um, P. a., selected, excellent, choice: honestas, Symm. Ep. 3, 49 and 51.
    Sup.: juvenis, id. ib. 8, 16.