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Dārēus (so the best editt. of Cicero and Curtius; cf. Zumpt, Gramm. § 2) or Dā-rīus (Dărĭī, Sid. Carm. 9, 51:

  1. I. Dărīos, Aus. Ep. 5, 23, v. no. II.), ii, m., Δάρειος [a Persian word, from R. dar-, to hold: "the sustainer of the empire," Max. Müller, Science of Lang. 2, 220], the name of several Persian Kings, Cic. Fin. 5, 30 fin.; Plin. 6, 13, 16, § 41; Curt. and Just. passim; Ov. lb. 317; Claud. Epist. 1, 17.
  2. * II. Meton. for the gold coin stamped under Darius, a daric, Aus. l. l.
    Hence, Darīus, a, um, adj. (late Lat.), of Darius, opes, Mart. Cap. 6, § 578.