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cippus (cīpus), i, m. [kindr. with scipio; cf. σκήπτω], a pale, stake, post, pillar, Lucil. ap. Fest. p. 258; and specif.,

  1. I. A gravestone, tombstone, * Hor. S. 1, 8, 12; Pers. 1, 37; Prud. Apoth. 361; Inscr. Orell. 4524 al.
  2. II. In the Agrimensores, a landmark, boundary-stone or post, Simplic. ap. Goes. p. 88.
  3. * III. In milit. lang., cippi, ōrum, m., a bulwark formed of sharpened stakes, Caes. B. G. 7, 73.