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affābĭlis (better adf-), e, adj. [adfari], that can be easily spoken to, easy of access, courteous, affable, kind, friendly, Ter. Ad. 5, 6, 8: cum in omni sermone omnibus adfabilem esse se vellet, * Cic. Off. 1, 31, 113: adfabilis, blandus, Nep. Alcib. 1, 3: nec dictu adfabilis ulli, Verg. A. 3, 621 (cf. Att. ap. Macr. S. 6, 1: quem nec adfari queas): adfabilior, Sen. Ep. 79: adfabilem te facito, Vulg. Eccli. 4, 7.
Sup. prob. not used.
Adv.: adfābĭlĭter, courteously, kindly, Macr. S. 7, 2; Spart. ap. Carac. 3: adfabilissime, Gell. 16, 3.