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Sarsĭna (Sassĭna), ae, f.

  1. I. An ancient town in Umbria, the birthplace of Plautus, still called Sarsina, Mart. 9, 59, 4; Sil. 8, 463.
  2. II. Sarsĭnātis, e (collat. form Sassĭnas, Inscr. Orell. 4404; v. infra), adj., of or belonging to Sarsina: Sassinate de silvā, Mart. 3, 58, 35.
    In a lusus verbb., Plaut. Most. 3, 2, 83.
    In plur. subst.: Sarsĭnātes (Sass-), ĭum, m., the inhabitants of Sarsina, Plin. 3, 14, 19, § 114.

Sassĭna and Sassĭnas, v. Sarsina.