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Juliacum, i, n., a city of Gallia Belgica, now Juliers, Amm. 17, 4.

1. Jūlĭānus, a, um, adj. [Julius], of or belonging to Julius Cæsar, Julian: vectigalia, i. e. which were introduced by Julius Cæsar, M. Anton. ap. Cic. Phil. 13, 15, 31: gladiatores, id. Ep. ad Oet. 9.
Subst.: Jūlĭā-ni, ōrum, m., i. e. soldiers who were on the side of Cæsar in the civil war, Suet. Caes. 75.

2. Jūlĭānus, i, m., Julian, a Roman proper name.

  1. I. M. Didius Severus Julianus Augustus, a Roman emperor, who was put to death after a reign of 66 days, A. D. 193.
  2. II. Julianus Augustus Apostata, an emperor who turned from Christianity to paganism.

Jūlĭas, adis, f., a town in Galilee, Plin. 5, 15, 15, § 71.