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Chē̆rusci, ōrum, m., = Χηροῦσκοι. Strabo; Χερουσκοι, Dio.; Χαιρουσκοί, Ptolem.; in a more restricted sense, a German people on the south side of the Hartz Mountains; but more freq. in an extended sense, the combined German tribes, which became distinguished by their war with the Romans, living on both sides of the Weser and Lippe, Caes. B. G. 6, 10; Vell. 2, 105; 2, 117 sqq.; Tac. G. 36 Rup.; id. A. 2, 46; 1, 56 sq.; 2, 9 sq.; 12, 28 et saep.; Flor. 4, 12, 24; Claud. IV. Cons. Hon. 452; id. B. Get. 420.