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Callirrhŏē (in poets, Callĭrhŏē), ēs, f., = Καλλιρρόη (epic, Καλλιρόη).

  1. I. Daughter of the Acheloüs, and second wife of Alcmœon, Ov. M. 9, 414 sq.
  2. II. The wife of Piranthus, and mother of Argus, Aristorides, and Triopas, Hyg. Fab. 145.
  3. III. A daughter of Oceanus, wife of Chrysaor, and mother of Geryon, Hyg. praef. and Fab. 151.
  4. IV. A celebrated fountain at Athens, south-east of the Acropolis, Stat. Th. 12, 629, with the appell. Enneacrunos (Ἐννεάκρουνος, i. e. conducted by nine channels or pipes into the city), Plin. 4, 7, 11, § 24.
  5. V. A warm medicinal fountain in Palestine, two hours west of Lake Asphaltites, Plin. 5, 16, 15, § 72.
  6. VI. Another name of the Arabian city Edessa, from a fountain of that name, Plin. 5, 24, 21, § 86.