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vĭrectum (less correctly vĭrētum), i, n. [vireo],

  1. I. a place overgrown with grass, a green place, greensward, sod, turf: viretum, ἀνθῶν τόπος, Gloss.; mostly in plur.: virecta nemorum, Verg. A. 6, 638: amoena virecta, of Paradise, Prud. Cath. 3, 101: latissima, Apol. M. 4, p. 143, 2: patentia, id. ib. 8, p. 209 fin.; 10, p. 263, 24.
  2. II. Transf., greenness, in gen.: Scythidis (i. e. smaragdi), Mart. Cap. 1, § 67.

vĭrētum, v. virectum.