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strĭgōsus, a, um, adj. [stringo], lean, lank, thin, meagre (mostly poet. and in post-Aug. prose).

  1. I. Lit.: equum nimis strigosum et male habitum, sed equitem ejus uberrimum et habitissimum viderunt, Massur. Sabin. ap. Gell. 4, 20, 11, and ap. Non. 168, 26: canis (opp. obesus), Col. 7, 12, 8: hic strigosus bovinatorque, Lucil. ap. Gell. 11, 7, 10.
    Comp.: equi, Liv. 27, 47: hinno strigosior, Maecen. ap. Suet. Vit. Hor.
    Sup.: (capella) strigosissimi corporis, Col. 7, 6, 9.
  2. * II. Trop., of an orator, meagre, dry, tasteless, Cic. Brut. 16, 64.