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rĕ-cello, ĕre, v. n. and a.

  1. I. Neutr., to spring back, fly back, bend back: recellere reclinare, Fest. p. 274 Müll. (very rare; perh. only in the foll. examples): (terra) inclinatur retroque recellit, Lucr. 6, 573: cum (ferrea manus) gravi libramento plumbi recelleret ad solum, Liv. 24, 34, 10, v. Weissenb. ad h. l.
  2. II. Act., to throw or bend back (Appul.): totum corporis pondus in postremos poplites recello, App. M. 6, p. 198, 27: nates, id. ib. 10, p. 249, 19.