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porceo (PORXI, acc. to Charis. p. 217 P., without any example). 2, v. a. [porro-arceo], to keep off, keep back, to hinder, restrain (ante-class.): porcet quoque dictum ab antiquis quasi porro arcet, Paul. ex Fest. p. 15 Müll.: porcet significat prohibet, Non. 159, 33: non te porro procedere porcent, Lucil. ap. Non. 160, 9: civium porcet pudor, Enn. ap. ib. 160, 6 (Trag. v. 369 Vahl.); Varr. ap. ib. 160, 8; Pac. and Att. ap. ib. 160, 2 and 5.