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pluscŭlus, a, um, adj. dim. [plus], somewhat more, a little more; rather many (only as subst. class.): tum pluscula Supellectile opus est, Ter. Phorm. 4, 3, 60: sal, Col. 12, 50, 12: ad cujus noctis exemplar similes adstruximus plusculas, several nights, App. M. 2, p. 122, 25: pyxides, id. ib. 3, p. 138, 25.
Neutr. subst., a somewhat larger amount: plusculum etiam, quam concedit veritas, amori nostro largiare, Cic. Fam. 5, 12, 3.
With gen.: plusculum negotii, Cic. de Or. 2, 24: ut plusculum sibi juris populus ascisceret, id. Rep. 2, 33, 57.

  1. B. Adv.: pluscŭlum, somewhat more, rather more (ante-class.): invitavit sese in cenā plusculum, Plaut. Am. 1, 1, 127: plusculum annum, somewhat more than a year, id. Pers. 1, 1, 121: laborare, too much, Varr. R. R. 2, 7, 10.