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perconto (percuncto), āre, 1, v. a. and n. (ante- and post-class.) [v. percontor], to question strictly or particularly, to inquire earnestly: docte percontat, Aeneas quo pacto, etc., Naev. ap. Non. 474, 7: si percontassem, etc., Nov. ib. 474, 5: quod sedulo percontaveram, App. M. 11, p. 266, 8.

    1. 2. percontor, ātus, in pass. signif.: de ovium dentibus opiliones percontantur, are questioned (preceded by quae a grammatico quaerenda sunt), Gell. 16, 6, 11: percontato pretio, App. M. 1, p. 113, 14.
      Hence, poet., as subst.: percontatum, i, n., = ἀξίωμα, a fundamental truth, an established principle, Cael. Aur. Acut. 1, 5, 46.