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mĕdĭātor, ōris, m. [medius], a mediator (post-class., esp. in eccl. Lat.): tot mediatorum praesentia, App. M. 9, 36, p. 202: mediator unius non est, Vulg. Gal. 3, 20; cf. v. 19; id. Heb. 8, 6: mediator advenit, id est Deus in carne, Lact. 4, 25; Tert. Carn. 15; id. Resurr. 51 al.; Aug. Conf. 10, 42, 2 sq.

mĕdĭo, 1, v. a. [medius], to halve, divide in the middle (post-class.), Apic. 3, 9.

  1. B. Neutr., to be in the middle: melius Juno mediante, Pall. Mart. 10, 32.