Lewis & Short

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1. lūdĭus, ĭi, m. [ludus].

  1. I. A stageplayer, pantomimist: fite caussā meā ludii barbari, Plaut. Curc. 1, 2, 63: ipse ille maxime ludius, non solum spectator, sed actor et acroama, Cic. Sest. 54, 116; id. Har. Resp. 11; Plaut. Aul. 2, 9, 6: ludius aequatam ter pede pulsat humum, Ov. A. A. 1, 112: triviales ex Circo ludios interponebat, Suet. Aug. 74; cf. ludio.
  2. II. A gladiator: comitata est Hippia ludium ad Pharon, Juv. 6, 82.