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lībrīle, is, v. the foll. art.

lībrīlis, e, adj. [libra].

  1. I. Of a pound, weighing a pound: tunica, Vop. Bonos. 15, 8: fundis librilibus sudibusque, Gallos proterrent, throwing stones of a pound each, Caes. B. G. 7, 81, 4.
  2. II. Of or pertaining to weighing.
    Hence, subst.: lībrīle, is, n.
    1. A. A balance, pair of scales: in librili perpendere, Gell. 20, 1, 34.
    2. B. A scale-beam: librile scapus librae, Paul. ex Fest. p. 116 Müll.