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justĭtĭum, ii, n. [2. jus-sisto],

  1. I. a cessation from business in the courts of justice, a legal vacation, Cic. Phil. 5, 12, 31: justitium per aliquot dies servatum est, Liv. 3, 5: justitiumque in foro sua sponte coeptum prius quam indictum, id. 9, 7: prope justitium omnium rerum futurum videbatur, id. 26, 26, 9: remittere, to put an end to a suspension of legal proceedings, to cause the courts to resume their business, id. 10, 21.
  2. II. In gen., a cessation of public business, a public mourning: hos mors (Germanici) adeo incendit, ut, sumpto justitio, deserentur foro, Tac. A. 2, 82: arcis triste tyrannicae, Prud. Cath. 5, 80; so, in a household, a suspension of business for mourning the dead, Sid. Ep. 2, 8.