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in-suesco, suēvi, suētum, 3, v. n. and a. (insuerat, Tac. A. 4, 57), to accustom, habituate (not in Cic. or Cæs.).

  1. I. Neutr., to accustom or habituate one’s self, to become accustomed to a thing; constr. with dat., with ad, or inf.
          1. (α) With dat.: corpori, Tac. A. 11, 29.
          2. (β) With ad: ad disciplinam militiae insuescere militem nostrum, Liv. 5, 6.
          3. (γ) With inf.: mentiri, Ter. Ad. 1, 1, 30: largiri, Sall. J. 8, 2: amare, potare, id. C. 11, 6.
  2. II. Act., to accuslom or habituate one to a thing; constr. aliquem aliquid or aliqua re.
          1. (α) Aliquem aliquid: insuevit pater optimus hoc me Ut fugerem, Hor. S. 1, 4, 105.
          2. (β) Aliquem aliqua re: aquā pecus, Col. 6, 4.
            Pass.: sic insuesci debent, ut, id. 11, 3: ita se a pueris insuetos, Liv. 24, 48, 6.