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dis-saepĭo (less correctly dis-sēpio), psi, ptum, 4, v. a., to part off by a boundary, to separate, divide (very rare).

  1. I. Lit.: aër dissaepit colles, atque aëra montes, Lucr. 1, 998; cf. parietibus, Varr. L. L. 5, § 162 Müll.: vix ea limitibus dissaepserat omnia certis, Ov. M. 1, 69; cf.: bene dissaepti foedera mundi, Sen. Med. 335.
    1. B. Transf., to tear apart, tear to pieces: dissaepto aggere utitur, et truncas rupes in templa Praecipitat, Stat. Th. 10, 880.
  2. II. Trop.: tenui sane muro dissaepiunt id quod excipiunt, *Cic. Rep. 4, 4.