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dē-păciscor, v. dēpĕciscor.

dēpĕciscor, -pectus, or dēpăciscor, pactus, 3, v. dep. a. [de-paciscor], to bargain for, agree upon; and absol., to make an agreement.

  1. I. Lit. (repeatedly in Cic., elsewh. rare): ipse tria praedia sibi depectus est, Cic. Rosc. Am. 39 fin.: cum illo partem suam depecisci, id. ib. 38, 110: aliquid cum aliquo, id. ib. 38, 110; cf.: depectus est cum eis, ut arma et impedimenta relinqueret, id. Inv. 2, 24, 72: ad condiciones alicujus, id. Verr. 2, 3, 24 fin.
    1. B. With jurists, in a bad sense, acc. to Dig. 3, 6, 3: hoc edicto tenetur etiam is, qui depectus est. Depectus autem dicitur turpiter pactus.
  2. * II. Trop., with abl. rei: jam depecisci morte cupio, to bargain for death, i. e. I am content to die, Ter. Ph. 1, 3, 14; cf.: cur non honestissimo (sc. periculo) depecisci velim? Cic. Att. 9, 7, 3, v. paciscor, no. II.

dēpectus, a, um, v. dē-paciscor.