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con-trūdo, si, sum, 3, v. a.

  1. I. To thrust or crowd together (mostly anteclass.): nubes (vis venti), Lucr. 6, 510; cf. id. 6, 211 and 734: penitusque casa contrusa jacebant Corpora, crowded together, id. 6, 1254.
  2. II. To press, thrust, push, or crowd in: uvam in dolia, Varr. R. R. 1, 54, 2: stantis equi corpusvidetur vis in adversum flumen contrudere, aliquos in balneas, Cic. Cael. 26, 63; Varr. L. L. 8, § 31 Müll.
    Rarely of a single person: Florentiuscontrusus est in insulam, Amm. 22, 3, 6.