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comprĕhensĭbĭlis (conp-), e, adj. [comprehendo], that can be seized or laid hold of (very rare; prob. first used by Cic.).

  1. I. Prop.: comprehensibile et solidum corpus, Lact. 7, 12, 2.
    As subst.: comprĕ-hensĭbĭle, is, n. (opp. incomprehensibile), Tert. Apol. 48.
  2. II. Trop.
    1. * A. Perceptible by the senses, evident: comprehensibilia oculis foramina, Sen. Q. N. 6, 24, 1.
    2. * B. Perceptible to the mind, conceivable, intelligible: id autem visum, cum ipsum per se cerneretur, comprehensibile, feretis haec? Nos vero, inquit, quonam enim modo καταληπτόν diceres? etc., * Cic. Ac. 1, 11, 41: natura non comprehensibilis, Cels. 1 pr. § 46: causae, Arn. 1, p. 37.