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cĭcur, ŭris, adj. [cf. cacula],

  1. I. tame (cf. mansuetus): quod a fero discretum id dicitur cicur, Varr. L. L. 7, § 91 Müll. (syn. mansuetus; opp. ferus, immanis; apparently not used after Cic.): cicurum vel ferarum bestiarum, Cic. N. D. 2, 39, 99; id. Lael. 21, 81: bestiae immanes, cicures, id. Tusc. 5, 13, 38: apes (opp. ferae), Varr. R. R. 3, 16, 19.
  2. II. Trop., mild: ingenium, Auct. ap. Varr. L. L. 7, § 91 Müll.: concilium, i. e. sapiens, Pac. ap. Fest. s. v. incicorem, p. 108, 3 ib.