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algus, ūs, m., acc. to Prisc. p. 699 P.; Rudd. I. p. 122, or algu, n., acc. to Charis. 23; 98 P.; cf. Schneid. Gr. 2, 342 sq. [algeo], the feeling of cold (subjective), coldness (usu. only in the abl.; hence the form of the nom. is uncertain; ante-class. for the class. algor).

  1. I. Masc.: algum, famem, Plaut. Fragm. ap. Prisc. p. 699 P.
  2. II. Unc. gen.: interficere aliquem fame atque algu, Plaut. Most. 1, 3, 36: perire algu, id. Rud. 2, 7, 24; Att. ap. Non. 72, 9; Lucil. ib. 72, 9; Lucr. 3, 732.