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assĭmŭlātĭo (better ads-, not assĭ-mĭlātĭo; v. assimulo fin.), ōnis, f. [assimulo], an assimilating.

  1. I. A being similar, similarity, likeness: prodigiosa adsimulatio, Plin. 11, 49, 109, § 262.
  2. II. In rhet., a feigned adoption of the opinion of one’s hearers: est (adsimulatio) cum id, quod scimus facile omnes audituros, dicimus nos timere, quomodo accipiant; sed tamen veritate commoveri, ut nihilo setius dicamus, Auct. ad Her. 4, 37, 49.
  3. III. A comparison of one thing with others: dolosa, Dig. 2, 18, 19, § 24; Cod. Th. 16, 2, § 18.