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Tarrăcīna (less correctly Terr-), ae, f., = Ταρρακινα and Τραχίνη (cf. Trachas, Ov. M. 15, 717; the first a in Tarracina inserted like the u in Alcumena, Aesculapius, etc.), a town in Latium, formerly called Anxur, now Terracina, Mel. 2, 4 fin.; Plin. 3, 5, 9, § 59; Cic. Att. 7, 5, 3; id. de Or. 2, 59, 240; id. Fam. 7, 23, 3 al.
Also called Tarrăcīnae, ārum, Liv. 4, 59.
Hence, Tarrăcĭnensis (Terr-), e, adj., of or belonging to Tarracina, Tarracinian: Ceparius, Sall. C. 46, 3.
As subst.: Tarră-cĭnenses, ĭum, m., the inhabitants of Tarracina, the Tarracinians, Tac. H. 4, 3.

Terrăcīna, Terrăcīnensis, v Tarracina.