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Prĭēnē, ēs, f., = Πριήνη, a maritime town of lonia, the birthplace of Bias, the mod. Samsoon, Cic. Par. 1, 1, 8: plures esse, Bias, pravos, quem clara Priene, etc., Aus. VII. Sap. Lud. 11, and Biant. 1.

  1. A. Prĭēnaeus, a, um, adj., = Πριηναῖος, of or belonging to Priene, Prienian: Bias, Sid. Carm. 2, 161.
  2. B. Prĭēnensis, e, adj., of or belonging to Priene: scammonium, Plin. 26, 8, 38, § 60.
    In plur. subst.: Prĭ-ēnenses, ĭum, m., the inhabitants of Priene, the Prienians, Val. Max. 1, 5, 1.
  3. C. Prĭēneus (trisyl), i, adj. m., = Πριηνεύς, of Priene, Prienian; subst., a Prienian: Bias Prieneus dixit, οἱ πλεῖστοι κακοί, Aus. VII. Sap. Lud. 11, and Biant. 1.