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Issa, ae, f., = Ἴσσα,

  1. I. an island in the Adriatic Sea, near Illyria, with a town of the same name, now Lissa, Plin. 3, 26, 30, § 152; Caes. B. C. 3, 9; Liv. 43, 9.
  2. II. Derivv.
    1. A. Issaeus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to Issa, Issæan; subst.: Issaei, ōrum, m., the inhabitants of Issa, Liv. 31, 45.
    2. B. Issaĭcus, a, um, adj., Issæan, Liv. 32, 21.
    3. C. Issensis, e, adj., Issæan: naves, Liv. 43, 9.
      Subst.: Issenses, ium, m., the inhabitants of Issa, Liv. 45, 26.

1. issus, a, um, adj., a childish form of ipse, used with little children as a term of endearment: ISSA HAVE, Inscr. ap. Fabr. p. 45, n. 255.
Issa, the name of a pet slut, Mart. 1, 109.
Also dim.:issŭlus, a, um, Inscr. ap. Fabr. n. 254.