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Astăpus, i, m., = Ἀστάπους, the name of the Nile as it flows through Ethiopia: (Nilus) medios Aethiopas secat cognominatus Astapus, quod illarum gentium linguā significat aquam e tenebris profluentem, Plin. 5, 9, 10, § 53.
Also called Astusă-pes, Plin. 5, 9, 10, § 53 fin. (in Mel. 1, 9, 2, Astăpē; in Vitr. 8, 2, 6, Astŏsabas, ae, m., = Ἀστοσάβας, Strab.; cf. Mann. Afr. I. 170; acc. to others, a river of Ethiopia falling into the Nile, now called Abai).