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ălauda, ae, f. [Celtic; lit. great songstress, from al, high, great, and aud, song; cf. the Fr. alouette; Breton. al’ choueder; v. Diefenbach in Zeitschriften für vergl. Sprachf. IV. p. 391].

  1. I. The lark, Plin. 11, 37, 44, § 121.
  2. II. Ălauda, the name of a legion raised by Cœsar, in Gaul, at his own expense (prob. so called from the decoration of their helmet): unam (legionem) ex Transalpinis conscriptam, vocabulo quoque Gallico (Alauda enim appellabatur) civitate donavit, Suet. Caes. 24: cum legione Alaudarum ad urbem pergit, Cic. Att. 16, 8: Huc accedunt Alaudae ceterique veterani, id. Phil. 13, 2.