Lewis & Short

Plīnĭus, i, m., Pliny, name of a Roman gens. The most celebrated are,

  1. I. C. Plinius Secundus, also called Major (the Elder), author of an encyclopedical work in 37 books, who lost his life in an eruption of Vesuvius, A. D. 79.
  2. II. His nephew, C. Plinius Caecilius, also called Junior (the Younger), author of Letters and a Pane gyric on the emperor Trajan: facundus, Mart. 10, 19, 3.
  3. III. Plinius Valerianus, a physician in the time of the emperor Constantine.
    Hence, Plīnĭānus, a, um, adj., belonging to or named after a Pling, Plinian: rasa, Plin. 15, 25, 30, § 103.